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Whose Woman is This- the musical play, openly explores the subject of TRUST in RELATIONSHIPS.  It gives the audience a rare insight into what  "Unfulfilling" and "Unhealthy" relationships look like when the core foundation of TRUST is missing  or misdirected. TRUST is at the root of all Healthy Relationships. Come laugh and cry with us as we explore what real TRUST looks like.

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"Whose Woman is This?"  by Pastor Kathy A. E. Jones.  Available in Digital Download or on DVD. Purchase before Sept. 1, 2019 release date.

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We cultivate new authors and artists with public ministry exposure, our goal is to create a larger presence in the media for these individuals. We accomplish this through marketing campaigns and programs designed to create a viable presence and place for authors and artists to share their work with their targeted audience.

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Whose Woman is This?

Our latest project is 'Whose Woman is This?'

Our latest project is 'Whose Woman is This?'. The Musical Play is about healthy relationships. Based on the book “Whose Woman Is This” by Pastor Kathy Jones. It highlights how men and women view each other when it comes to love, loneliness, family commitments and real-life priorities. 

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We work with independent authors to publish their works. Do you have a book you would like to publish? 


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We develop up-and-coming music artists. We accomplish this through developing gospel artist from start to finish in order to distribute their works. 

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Do something extraordinary! Help Kathy brings awareness and understanding of the "Arts" to those living in Inner Cities across the United States. Over the past 30 years Kathy has encouraged many to pursue and fulfill their artistic dreams and careers. Last year her Arts program showcased the talent of 10 new actors, three new singers, and four new authors. Several of the new talents also were able to produce their own music and books which generated them additional living income.

Your funding will provide a platform for Christian Authors and Performing Artist to showcase their talents, and to learn how they can use their talents to become gainfully employed.

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Love Is In The Air - Men Are Everywhere

Love Poem 

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Pastor Kathy A. E. Jones

When it comes to having healthy relationships, you know one of  the biggest obstacles for women is how  to discover and keep the right man.

"Whose Man is This?" uncovers the secrets to having fulfilling relationships and it motivates the reader to challenge their love life’s issues in a way that will bring them immediate satisfaction. 

Imagine getting answers to your own most pressing relationship questions while having the ability to instantly use this popular self help resource with it's unique layout as a group study guide for adults, young adults, and teenager, "Whose Man Is This?" bridges a mixture of ages from 15 to 65. 

You'll be the first to talk about a happier - healthier you when you put to practice the principles found in this book. 

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Bishop Spencer Jones "Soul Winners Manual"


You know that every Christian should emulate the lifestyle of Christ and diligently pursue personal evangelism.

Bishop Spencer Jones understands  the evangelism needs of Pastors, Church leaders, and Laypersons. 

He strongly believes "The Soul Winners Manual" will empower you.  

Imagine not having to pull teeth to get your members excited about going witnessing or as an individual being able to lead a soul to Christ one on one no matter where you encounter them. 

There is no point in denying that Personal Evangelism should become more than just your deep seated desire. This book is certain to help you and thousands of other people who have never understood the beauty and power that lies behind effective witnessing.

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Soul Winners Manual

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